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0007146OXID eShop (all versions)2.5. Administer userspublic2020-06-03 13:25
Reporter[email protected] 
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Product Version6.2.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007146: Deleting User in the admin interface does not delete related data
DescriptionWhen a user is deleted in OXID related data (like additional addresses) should also be automatically deleted.
This is done in the User-Model when the delete() method is called, which calls additional methods like for example "User->deleteAddresses()".

"User->delete()" can receive an ID that should be deleted as an argument. Methods like "User->deleteAddresses()" do NOT use that passed ID, instead they always reference the ID of the currently loaded model.

This comes into play when a user is deleted via the admin interface.
 "AdminListController->deleteEntry()" will call "User->delete()" with the ID as param, without actually loading the user model.
This will delete the oxuser record, but not the related data, because the sub-delete-methods like "User->deleteAddresses()" do not respect the passed ID.

So the solution would be either to pass the ID to delete to "User->deleteAddresses()", "User->deleteNewsletterSubscriptions()", etc. or to load the ID in to the user model in "AdminListController->deleteEntry()".
Steps To Reproduce* Create a new user in the OXID admin interface (or in the shop frontend, doesn't matter)
* Add an additional delivery address to that user
* Note the OXID-ID of that user
* Delete that user in the OXID admin interface
* Look into the oxaddress table and search for the user OXID-ID in "OXUSERID" -> The database row of the address still remains
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duplicate of 0007138 acknowledgedbenjamin.joerger Deleting users won't delete user references left in other tables 



2020-06-03 13:25

administrator   ~0013249

Hi and thank you for reporting the issue.
The same issue was reported a few days ago already. So I will close this entry, mark it as duplicate and link it to the older one.