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0007115OXID eShop B2B EditionB2B edition - subpublic2021-07-29 13:33
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Summary0007115: it is possible to order in B2B even if the budget is exceeded
DescriptionIn the OXID B2B Edition it is possible to order even if the budget is exceeded, if the approval procedure is deactivated and the budget is activated, by clicking manually on step 3 instead of the Next button .

Steps To Reproduce1. Create Chief Buyer
2. Allow him to be a buyer.
3. Enable budget and disable approval procedures
4. Order goods over budget limit
5. In Step 2 do not click "next" Button, but manually on step 3

-> Now you can finish order
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2020-04-09 09:43


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2021-07-29 13:33

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