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0007101Flow themeThemepublic2020-02-24 09:01
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Summary0007101: In the category tab "More" the subcategory entries disappear with slow changes, not with fast changes
DescriptionIf you switch to the subcategories in the menu entry "More" by slowly moving down with the mouse, the subcategory entries are expanded and expanded.
If the subcategory is expanded, a subcategory contained in it can be selected by switching very quickly. If the change is slow, the subcategory entries disappear again.
Probably the behaviour is to be searched in the JS file (source/out/flow/src/js/script.min.js).
Steps To Reproduce1. Create main categories until some of them appear in the "More" tab
2. Create subcategories in these main categories.
3. Now try to select these subcategories in the main categories in the tab "More
Additional InformationSeems that the template is designed for two level navigation. In this case, it will trigger a three level navigation.
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2020-02-24 08:53


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