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0007018OXID eShop B2B EditionB2B edition - subpublic2019-11-04 13:42
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Summary0007018: Different detailed views for approval and scheduled orders
DescriptionWhen you open detail pages of scheduled order and approval procedure you can see that the status-bar of the approval procedure is missing though in list view there is status-bar.

- Scheduled orders list view: have status-bar
- Approval procedure list view: have status-bar
- Scheduled orders detailed view: have status-bar
- Approval procedure detailed view: missing status-bar

Also when we click on a scheduled order the status is not colored in the status-bar and the user don't know what is the status of the currently opened scheduled order.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install b2b module with demodata.
2. Create scheduled order.
3. Create approval procedure
4. Open in different tabs detailed views of scheduled order and approval procedure
5. You will see that the approval procedure does not have status-bar
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2019-08-14 14:02



2019-11-04 13:42

manager   ~0013030

Scheduled orders - In order to fix showing the status when the user is in detail page apply this change:

[{include file="b2b_scheduled_orders_submenu.tpl" iStatus=$status}]

in views/b2b_scheduled_orders_details.tpl file (line 17)