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0006996OXID eShop (all versions)1.05. Userspublic2019-06-19 11:44
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Summary0006996: New 3-D Secure standard data
DescriptionAs part of the new 3-D Secure standard that is coming into force in Europe, there are a number of new parameters that should be sent to credit card acquirers. More details under ->

Missing data from the user:
    - authentication timestamp (When the user logged in)
    - account update date (When was the account updated)
    - account password change date (When was the password changed)
    - suspicious activity (Settable value in the back end from the shop owner if an conusmer is "suspicious" (true/false) value)
    - street2 (missing from the shipping and billing address)
    - street3 (missing from the shipping and billing address)
    - work phone (Work phone number)

Missing for shipping methods:
    - info delivery timeframe (value in time when is the delivery to be expected)
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