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0006982OXID eShop (all versions)4.01. Database handlingpublic2022-02-02 09:39
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Product Version6.1.3 
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Summary0006982: Primary key for galera cluster
DescriptionWe try for our customer project to scale the database of an OXID enterprise shop (version 6.1.3) via a mariadb galera cluster.

Galera requires a primary key in each table. But we have found some problems with different tables. These table have no primary key set:

* oxadminlog
* oxarticles2shop
* oxattribute2shop
* oxcategories2shop
* oxdelivery2shop
* oxdeliveryset2shop
* oxdiscount2shop
* oxinvitations
* oxlinks2shop
* oxmanufacturers2shop
* oxnews2shop
* oxselectlist2shop
* oxvendor2shop
* oxvoucherseries2shop
* oxwrapping2shop

Is a primary key planned foor these tables and will this be included in future releases?

Are the following steps an option:
* set the unique key of alle 2shop tables also as primary key
* create a auto increment primary key for oxadminlog and oxinvitations

Thanks for your help.
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PHP Version7.1
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duplicate of 0006981 closed Primärschlüssel bei Galera Skalierung 



2019-05-21 09:31

administrator   ~0012893

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Info from Dev: There is already a feature request for Maria Db and MySQL 8 support.
Active implementation is not yet available.

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Sven Brunk

2022-02-02 09:39

administrator   ~0013710

We need to check if this is already done for 7.0 because that is already made with MySQL 8 support in mind.