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0006945Wave themeThemepublic2019-01-30 11:11
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006945: When activating Wave Theme in OXID eShop V6.1.2 the icons will not displayed
DescriptionBasket, serach and other icons will not be displayed
Steps To Reproduce1. Install OXID eShop V6.2.1
2. Activate Wave Theme
3. Go to Ftontend Start Page
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2019-01-29 14:29


Wave_1.JPG (76,924 bytes)
Wave_1.JPG (76,924 bytes)
Wave_2.JPG (161,905 bytes)
Wave_2.JPG (161,905 bytes)


2019-01-29 16:41

administrator   ~0012775

The search icon has CSS class "fas" instead of "fa". The social icons in the footer have "fab" instead of "fa".
Looks like whether wrong classes are set/generated or these classes ("fas","fab") are custom font awesome classes, which are missing.



2019-01-29 20:23

reporter   ~0012776

I think it's because absolute path is used in css for font awesome url, so this does not work if oxid is installed with an url with a subdirectory. When "/out/wave/src/fonts//" is replaced by "../fonts/", the icons show up.