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0006842OXID eShop (all versions)1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)public2024-05-08 14:31
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Product Version6.0.2 
Summary0006842: Delivery Set is selectable although no article matches rule
DescriptionLogic for choosing selectable shipping set by weight takes total weight into account wheras logic for rule takes only single weight.
Steps To ReproduceCreate shipping method and rule.

Settings for rule:
- weight from 10 to 999 kg
- surcharge 10 €
- each product or each different product

Put 2 different articles 5kg each in basket. New shipping method is selectable and surcharge is zero.
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2018-06-12 09:15

administrator   ~0012503

The behavior could not be reproduced.
For two articles with a weight of 5kg each, the shipping method "Shipping from 10 KG surcharge 10 EUR" was also displayed and when selected, the surcharge was also calculated.

not reproducible (see attached files)
Shipping Cost Rule.JPG (51,853 bytes)   
Shipping Cost Rule.JPG (51,853 bytes)   
Shipping Method.JPG (53,128 bytes)   
Shipping Method.JPG (53,128 bytes)   
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Step3.JPG (93,662 bytes)   
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Step4.JPG (92,865 bytes)   


2018-06-12 09:19

reporter   ~0012504

Last edited: 2018-06-12 09:19

In shipping cost rule select:
- each product or each different product


2018-06-12 09:43

administrator   ~0012506

If you choose "each product or each different product" for the shipping cost rule, the rule cannot apply, as each article weighs 5kg and the rule applies to 10kg.
Usually set the weight in the rule down to 5kg, then also per article 10 EUR thus 20 EUR are calculated.


2018-06-12 09:54

reporter   ~0012508

"If you choose "each product or each different product" for the shipping cost rule, the rule cannot apply"

Yes the rule cannot apply and thus the shipping method should not be selectable, but it is, and the customer can order for zero shipping costs if total weight reaches limit you have set for each article, regardless what the value is. If you have a shipping method with a single rule attached that has a surcharge set, surcharge should NEVER be zero in any case.