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0006597OXID ERP InterfaceOXID ERP Interface - subpublic2024-04-03 11:06
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Product Version2.14.1 
Summary0006597: OXERPGet* methods doesn't return the values of multi language fields which have a number larger than 9
DescriptionIf a shop has more than 10 languages, the field names of the multi language fields have to digits at the end (OXTITLE_10). Currently the method \oxERPType::_getMultilangualFields is not able to read fields with more than one digit at the end
Steps To Reproduce1. Create 11 languages (so that the field names of the multi language fields for the eleventh language has the number 10 -> OXTITLE_10)
2. Change the value of the title for the language 11
3. Call OXERPGetArticle for that test article. You will get the value of the language 0.
Additional InformationSuggested fix by TWT:


foreach ($aData as $key => $oADODBField) {
    $iLang = substr( $oADODBField->name, strlen( $oADODBField->name) - 1, 1);
    if ( is_numeric( $iLang) && substr( $oADODBField->name, strlen( $oADODBField->name) - 2, 1) == '_') {
        // multilangual field
        $sMainFld = str_replace( '_'.$iLang, "", $oADODBField->name);
        $aRet[$iLang][$sMainFld] = $oADODBField->name.' as '.$sMainFld;


foreach ($aData as $key => $oADODBField) {
    // Check if it is a multi language field.
    // Identified by having at least one underscore in the field name and a number at the end.
    $aFieldNameTokens = explode('_', $oADODBField->name);
    $iLastIndex = count($aFieldNameTokens) - 1;
    if ($iLastIndex > 0 && is_numeric($aFieldNameTokens[$iLastIndex])) {
        // Multi language field. Remove the "language-part" and implode the rest.
        $iLang = $aFieldNameTokens[$iLastIndex];
        $sMainFld = implode('_', $aFieldNameTokens); // If a (custom) field has multiple underscores.
        $aRet[$iLang][$sMainFld] = $oADODBField->name.' as '.$sMainFld;
TagsERP, SOAP, Solution Provided


duplicate of 0006595 acknowledgedflorian.auer Read methods doesn't support _set tables (language feature) 


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