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0006583OXID eShop (all versions)2.6. Administer orderspublic2024-04-03 10:35
Reporterkex Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.10.3 / 5.3.3 
Summary0006583: (re-)calculation error for orders containing articles with price surcharge/discounts via selection lists
DescriptionIf an order contains articles with price surcharge/discount via selection lists the invoice/prices generated during checkout is correct (performance setting "Support Price Modifications by Selection Lists" turned on). However as soon as you edit the order (modifing article count, marking as "payed", ...) the order gets recalculated without the price surcharge/discount. This seems to be a major bug, since any modification, canceling or even simple changes to the shipping/payment method ruins the calculation, the invoice generated via the backend and everything afterwards (tax accounting etc.).
Steps To Reproduce1. (BE) create a selection list containing a price surcharge/discount
2. (BE) apply selection list to article
3. (FE) order the article with price surcharge/discount (works fine)
4. (BE) change the article count
5. (BE) recalculation ignores the surcharge/discount => totally wrong numbers
Additional InformationReproducible in OXID CE/PE 4.6.8, 4.10.3
TagsOrder, Order Recalculation, Product domain and basket rewrite, Selection List, Specialized Management Apps
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ThemeAzure, Flow
BrowserFirefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome
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related to 0004624 acknowledged Order recalculation does not use discounts/taxes which were valid when order was made, but current ones 



2017-02-06 11:32

administrator   ~0011956

The issue is not reproducible in a standard OXID eshop. Kindly verify the behaviour in our demoshop -


2017-02-06 13:52

reporter   ~0011958

It is reproducable in current demoshop, since recalculation is no longer triggered by setting paydate, you can go to products/refresh and surcharge is lost. (you do not have to change the article count)


2017-02-06 14:49

reporter   ~0011959

The issue is reproducible in your demoshop (attached "screencast.gif"). As soon as the order gets recalculated, the numbers are wrong (changing article count, cancelling another article, changing payment/shipping method, ...).


2017-02-06 15:05

administrator   ~0011960

Thank you for the feedback.


2017-04-10 09:46

reporter   ~0012035

Seems as a critical bug to me, it makes the entire edit-Order panels useless whenever products with surcharges are involved.


2017-04-10 11:07

reporter   ~0012036

Maybe related to this:


2017-07-25 11:01

reporter   ~0012189

Are there any updates or plans on fixing this issue? I think this isn't "another minor bug" ...


2018-11-02 08:56

reporter   ~0012666

... are there any updates? This is a real issue for some users ...


2018-12-03 11:10

reporter   ~0012712

what about this ticket?

Sven Brunk

2024-04-03 10:35

administrator   ~0016697

Maybe once again, a remark: Orders are documents and changing them is illegal. (Forgery of documents)
That's why the order change and recalculation function was created very basic and has a lot of unwanted side effects.
Nonetheless, we are aware of this and will change this in the future. It is a lot more complicated than just "fixing the calculation" though, and needs a lot of changes of the core functionality.
E.g. if you want to re-calculate a past order (in consent with the customer), you would need to use all discounts, taxes whatsoever from the time the order was placed. So either we need to store all this in the order and let you choose what you want to change and what not or we just skip all this, stay on the legal side and just allow you to cancel the existing order and create a new one using the same products, discounts, and current taxes (etc.).