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0006581Flow themeThemepublic2018-12-13 12:31
ReporterBenjamin Kleiner 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.0.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006581: @getimagesize in template causes problems in container setups
DescriptionThe Flow theme uses @getimagesize in the morepics.tpl on a complete image url. This causes problems on multi server and container setup, where a node cannot resolve the domain to themselves or the load balancer.
You might also consult ScaleCommerce ( about the problem.
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2017-02-06 11:49

administrator   ~0011957

@Benjamin Kleiner : Kindly elaborate on the issue at hand so that we can analyse the problem further. The exact problem could not be deduced from the bug description. What do you mean by "multi-server and container setup"? Kindly provide examples (if available) of the behavior expected and the current behavior.


2017-02-06 17:14

reporter   ~0011961

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This is mainly a performance issue when using $this->sAltImageDir. Expected behavior is that OXID doesn't need local images when using this config option. That's mainly true but it's broken in flow theme's zoom feature.

Basically zoom on product detail page uses getimagesize() to determine image dimensions. This has very little performance impact on local files, but if you use $this->sAltImageDir getimagesize() will be executed on a remote image-url. This causes php to download the image temporary, get the size and then delete the file again. This will happen on *every* pagerequest for *every* picture resulting in very slow page load times.

In multi-server setups we cannot have every product image on every node, so we need $this->sAltImageDir to be supported for zoom pictures