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0006549OXID eShop (all versions)1. ----- eShop frontend -----public2016-11-25 11:55
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Product Version4.10.2 / 5.3.2 
Summary0006549: Captcha generates sometimes wrong image while e_mac contains special characters
DescriptionOn some installations the captcha image is generated with 4 chars instead of 5. Thus resulting in wrong form validation.

I tracked down that the generated e_mac GET parameter which is generated by oxRegistry::getUtils()->strMan() may contain special chars. For example the generated image url could look like this:

The plus sign at the end of this string will interpreted as " " (space sign) while its received by the verificationimg.php. This results in a wrong code generation.

An easy fix seems to urlencode the e_mac part. See attached patch file.
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