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0006395OXID eShop (all versions)1.05. Userspublic2016-05-23 09:28
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Product Version4.9.8 / 5.2.8 
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Summary0006395: Gender dropdown only supports "Mr" and "Mrs"

the salutation dropdown box in the registration form as well as the salutation options in the backend only support "Mr" and "Mrs". Whilst it is a common assumption that there are only two genders (so-called binary genders), more than those actually exist (called non-binary spectrum). Facebook, for example, has the option to specify a custom gender.

I understand that it is hard to include all genders in a list, so I propose to include a third option so I propose to include "None" as a third option in the dropdown. Selecting this additional option could skip the salutation - or use a generic, gender-neutral one if desired.

For our shop we aim to allow non-binary people to become customers without forcing them to choose a wrong gender when ordering our products. This reduces the percieved friction which has led to loosing a customer in the past.
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2016-05-23 09:27

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this is not a bug, but rather a feature request. So I will change the severity to feature and priority to minor as this demand can be easily realized by adapting two files without adding PHP code.

To have more salutations just add them to the languages (lang.php) files (use Mr and MRS as example) and also add them to the template salutation.tpl (application/views/azure/tpl/form/fieldset/salutation.tpl), too.
The salutation field in the oxuser is type varchar with a length of 128. So there is enough space for longer words.