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0006383OXID eShop (all versions)4. ------ eShop Core -------public2016-04-28 09:20
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Summary0006383: session not saved and method not found caused by widget parent
DescriptionWidgets(or the template within that widget) have the ability to acces methods from the parent controller.
The parent controller belongs to the scope in which the widget is use.

To support this the widget must be called with an parameter containing that parent(s). This is not used often because it cost performance, and most times widgets are included directly (without ajax or ESI (varnish)) so the parent is already known and existing in the view chain.

But in all cases where parent controller has to be added to the view chain,
for example if you explicitly set an other parent, the view chain hold that parent after the widget is rendered.

The problem with that is that the shop frame work will then refuse to save the session because the viewchan is not empty an it 'thinks' that the prent will take care of finalize things. The other problem is that all access to parents from that point will get the wrong one and so method not found execeptions may happen
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2016-04-28 08:44

developer   ~0011556

Pull Request created that should fix it