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0006377OXID eShop (all versions)4.05. Performancepublic2022-02-02 16:41
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Summary0006377: dynamic content caches uses database
Descriptionthe dynamic content cache makes use of the oxcache table

this makes the content cache making use of two backends where only one would be needed.

Problem with that is, that it makes further performance improvements harder and the overall performance of the content cache depending on the both the cache backend and the database.

Steps To Reproduceactivate dynamic content cache,
use the shop
you will find something in oxcache table
Additional Informationthe performance of the content cache is depended on the of weakest link of a chain database or cache backend.

All information hold in oxcache table should be stored in the cache backend, also statistic should be optional to reduce writing.

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2022-02-02 16:41

administrator   ~0013747

I would suggest to rewrite the whole caching to use only 1 interface which can then use different pluggable backends --> >=OXID 8