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0006371OXID eShop (all versions)4.05. Performancepublic2016-04-27 10:17
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Summary0006371: Varnish Cache-Invalidation is sendeded serialized
Descriptionshop sends cache invalidations one after another, this can be optimized to send all at once.

also all invalidations are going to the shop url, which might be a different system (e.g. https offloader) so it should be possible to configure the varnish IP Address for invalidations.

Additional Informationin core/cache/connectors/oxreverseproxyconnector method invalidate
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related to 0006133 acknowledgedflorian.auer Editing articles very slow when reverse proxy is active 



2016-04-18 11:46

developer   ~0011537

this has become a blocker for the project i am working on, because varnish could not handle all invalidation generated by shop when about 300.000 articles are updated via ERP Module.

In the ESI Tuning module i added functionality to merge invalidations into 1 and revoved some invalidations not needed in the project.
Also i removed the invalidation of the start page for articles, because at least in this project i can not see how an article update could influence the start page

I plan to send a pull request soon.


2016-04-18 14:56

developer   ~0011538

merge request is available at
i tried to port things from the module written for 5.2.7, but i can not guarantee that things are compatible, please do not take it without exhaustive tests.