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0006260OXID eShop (all versions)3.2. HTML, CSS, JavaScriptpublic2023-07-06 09:48
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.9.6 / 5.2.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006260: Image file logo_white.gif missing
DescriptionIn the templates
- \application\views\admin\tpl\email_pricealarm_customer.tpl
- \application\views\azure\tpl\email\plain\pricealarm_owner.tpl
- \application\views\mobile\tpl\email\plain\pricealarm_owner.tpl
is mentioned a file called logo_white.gif. This image should be shown by default e.g. in the pricealarm emails. But the image is not shown because it is not present in the shop files.
Steps To ReproduceAs a user, subscribe for an pricealarm. As a admin, send the pricealarm email to the user.
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ThemeAzure, Mobile
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2015-11-10 16:44

administrator   ~0011305

Last edited: 2015-11-23 11:56

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This file used to be in out/basic/img/. Since the basic theme was removed in version 5.0.0 / 4.7.0 this file is missing.

Sven Brunk

2023-07-06 09:48

administrator   ~0015405

The image is still used in 7.0.0 files and still missing