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0006251OXID eShop (all versions)4.09. SEO, SEO URLpublic2015-12-02 10:32
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Summary0006251: need next/prev links and noindex for paginations
Descriptionwe need next/prev links
and for all but not the the first page we need to add noindex meta info.

Steps To Reproducego to the second page of an category where you have enough articles

see the source code, you will NOT find:
<link rel="prev" href="">
<link rel="next" href="">
these are missing, also the meta robots should be noindex for these pages
(info from seo company "catbird seat" in a customer project)
Additional Informationhow to fix:
htdocs/application/views/THEME/tpl/layout/base.tpl within head_pagination captureing:

+ [{block name="head_pagination"}]
+ [{assign var='pageNavigation' value=$oView->generatePageNavigation(4)}]
+ [{if $pageNavigation->previousPage }]
+ <link rel="prev" href="[{$pageNavigation->previousPage}]" />
+ [{/if}]
+ [{if $pageNavigation->nextPage }]
+ <link rel="next" href="[{$pageNavigation->nextPage}]" />
+ [{/if}]
+ [{/block}]
and in alist render
 if (!$this->_blForceNoIndex && $this->getActPage()) {
            $this->_iViewIndexState = VIEW_INDEXSTATE_NOINDEXFOLLOW;
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