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0006063OXID eShop (all versions)1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)public2024-01-19 08:47
Reporterkkerber Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.9.3 / 5.2.3 
Summary0006063: Coupon Series: discount only on first article in basket if coupon is assigned on selected articles
DescriptionSee steps to reproduce and attached screenshots
Steps To Reproduce1. generate coupon series: The discount is an absolute discount (eg 500€). No special settings on validation
2. Tab User Groups & Products: Assign articles to the coupon
3. Fill shopping basket (consider first article value to be below voucher value)
Additional Information[remark by QS].
To clarify reproduction:
1. Add an article (with price < coupon value) to a coupon (with an absolute value).
2. now put said article into a basket, then add some more articles.
3. Use coupon.
4. See screenshot: Coupon is only used on assigned article. Rest of coupon value goes missing.
TagsCalculations, Coupons, Price Calculation, Product domain and basket rewrite, Voucher
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PHP Version5.3
Database Version5.1


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2015-03-02 14:24

reporter   ~0010732

Sorry for the german screenshots.


2015-03-02 14:28

reporter   ~0010733

Maybe related to the changes which fixed 0005162?


2015-03-02 16:51

reporter   ~0010737


Did you test it?
It still exists in the PE versino 4.9.3.
linked issue refers on 4.7.10.


2015-03-05 09:55

reporter   ~0010752

@kkerber: I think there is a slight misunderstanding. I just wanted to point out that the current issue might be related to the issue 0005162 in a way that before this issue was fixed in version 4.7.10 it might have worked as you expected. So it should be tested if the behaviour described in the current issue was different in version 4.7.9.


2015-06-02 09:35

reporter   ~0011002

Workaround: Assign all articles for which the coupon/voucher should be valid to a (hidden) category and assign that category to the coupon/voucher. This way it works as expected.


2016-05-09 14:15

reporter   ~0011571

The quantity of an article is also not taken into consideration when calculating the discount. Check out the attachment - DiscountCoupon.png. Kuyichi Jeans CANDY was ordered with quantity 5 amounting to 449,50€. But the discount was applied on only one article i.e., 89,90€.