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0006037OXID eShop (all versions)2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)public2024-01-17 12:49
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Fixed in Version7.0.0 
Summary0006037: deleted plugins remain in "aDisabledModules" which might cause problems later
DescriptionDeleted plugins remain as disabled modules in "aDisabledModules" and are never removed from there. This might cause bugs, if one installs a plugin with the same name.

We were not able to install a plugin correctly, since even on activation the plugin name was not correctly removed from the aDisabledModules array, although (AFAIK) this should happen on activation to circumvent this issues. In our case it did not (I cannot reproduce this issue right now).
Since there is no way to clear the list of disabled modules from the backend, we had to dig really deep into the shop software to find and resolve this issue.

I propose two solutions:
1. On opening the extension tab in the backend, clean up all extension related config variables for directories which simply do not exist anymore.
This is already done (like the message "There are broken components, should we delete them?"), but obviously this is not enough.
2. For simplicity, please add a button "reset module integration", which executes
and rm -Rf tmp/*
This provides an easy way for all others to hardly remove all encoded information concerning module installation.

We encountered really a lot of issues with your extensions in the past few days, and both solutions would have helped a lot.
You might want to read this blog post too:
Someone else encountered at least as much headache as we did.
Additional InformationThe only way to delete Module entries from oxconfig.aModules, if a module is disabled or deleted, is to delete oxconfig.aModules and aktivate all other modules again
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related to 0004942 closedSvenBrunk Changing Module ID will move old module(id) to aDiabledModules and let them stay there until the module directory is deleted 



2015-02-20 10:55

administrator   ~0010687

or let the module active and delete the files in module folder so you will be asked:

Es wurden ungültige Module erkannt.

Möchten Sie alle registrierten Modulinformationen und gespeicherten Konfigurationseinstellungen löschen?


2024-01-17 12:49

administrator   ~0016137

Since the module chain is now in a file, it is relatively easy to remove it.