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0006026OXID eShop (all versions)1.05. Userspublic2024-01-18 08:55
ReporterJaroslavHerber Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.9.2 / 5.2.2 
Summary0006026: Valide email-address is recognized as invalide if wrong password typed in
DescriptionIf you want to change your email-address in the delivery-address-form (user account) but you type in a wrong password, you will also get an invalide-mail-error, although the email-address is correctly.

See "Additional Information".

Another bug: in Azure-theme the typed in email-address is not stored!
Steps To Reproduce1. Login
2. Go to "change delivery address"-page
3. type in other (valide) email-address
4. type in wrong password and submit form
5. you will get 2 error-messages:
6. another bug: in Azure-theme the typed in email-address is not stored!
Additional InformationThe reason for this bug you can find in oxuser->checkValues():

// 1. checking user name
$sLogin = $oInputValidator->checkLogin($this, $sLogin, $aInvAddress);

// 2. checking email
$oInputValidator->checkEmail($this, $sLogin, $aInvAddress);

-> The (string!) $sLogin-var, which should be the email-address, becomes an object that is returned by the oxInputValidator->checkLogin()-method.
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Database VersionNot defined


related to 0005194 closedQA User get wrong message if he is not active 



2015-01-21 16:20

reporter   ~0010626

maybe related to bugs 0005445 and 0005194


2015-01-22 08:54

reporter   ~0010628

Please fix also: in oxinputvalidator->checkLogin() in line 158:

Please use a different language-key. "ERROR_MESSAGE_PASSWORD_DO_NOT_MATCH" is not the right message.

It should be something like: "The entered password is wrong".
And not: "Error: passwords don't match." -> There is only one password-field in this case.