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0006023OXID eShop (all versions)1.03. Basket, checkout processpublic2024-01-17 10:36
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Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.8.6 / 5.1.6 
Summary0006023: Products sorting in basket vs sorting in database/order history
DescriptionThe following behaviour regarding products sorting during checkout and after (CE):
* products sorting from basket is preserved in email send to customer
* in customer order history, the products are sorted differently that in basket (probably by art. no)
* in table oxorderarticles - same as order history

Tested also on professional-edition online demo with same results (could not test oxorderarticles, as no access).
Steps To ReproduceAdd the following items to basket, in the same order (with demo data):
1. Kite NBK EVO 2010
Item #: 1211
2. Kite RRD PASSION 2010
Item #: 1206
Item #: 2402
4. Binding O'BRIEN DECADE CT 2010
Item #: 2401

Finalize order.
Compare sorting in Order history and database oxorderarticles with sorting in basket/ email => it is not the same.
Additional InformationRelevant for:
* customer comparing email info with Order history in Oxid account
* eShop owner when checking email info against Order history (eg. if customer calls/ emails for questions regarding the order)
* special relevance with order having many items
TagsOrder, Product domain and basket rewrite, Sorting
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Database VersionNot defined


related to 0006068 confirmedHR Useless ordering by artid 



2015-04-15 17:15

reporter   ~0010870

this bug exist since oxid version 2,0 over 8 years, and if someone orders 60 items in a b2b shop then the item order on the orderconfirmation, is also different to the packing list, and invoice which makes control by customer items bought=items received very troublesome, resulting in a bad customer experience.


2015-04-15 17:17

reporter   ~0010871

worst if like in our case we create picking slips , packing lists and invoices over our ERP system


2015-07-22 16:49

reporter   ~0011127

Last edited: 2015-07-22 17:03

It would also be great if an article, which is newly added to the basket, is shown on top of the basket. At least make it configurable!!!

oxbasket::addToBasket() {
$this->_aBasketContents = array($sItemId => $oBasketItem) + $this->_aBasketContents;

// Instead of:
// $this->_aBasketContents[$sItemId] = $oBasketItem;