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0006012OXID eShop (all versions)5. ------ UpdateApp / Update ------public2017-04-05 09:25
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.9.0 / 5.2.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006012: utf-8 update app breaks theme and module settings
DescriptionIt seems that the utf-8 update script does not select/insert the field oxmodule from oxconfig (introduced in 4.5.0). Therefore your theme and module settings will not be displayed any more because the default value for oxmodule is an empty string like before (e.g. theme:azure).
Steps To ReproduceInstall a shop e.g. 5.2.2 without using utf-8 mode (i.e. uncheck the option during setup).
Check theme settings of the default Azure theme in the admin panel.
Activate the PayPal module.
Edit some settings of the PayPal module.
Then use the utf8-update script as described here:
Now check the settings of the Azure theme and the PayPal module. They are not displayed in the admin panel any more but still available in the database:
select oxvarname, oxmodule from oxconfig where oxvarname like '%oepaypal%';
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2015-02-24 12:19

administrator   ~0010709

Reproduced with most recent EE UTF8-updatescript (


[email protected]

2017-01-19 10:51


update.php (16,029 bytes)

[email protected]

2017-01-19 10:53

reporter   ~0011939

I uploaded a fixed update.php script file for the 5.2.x EE Edition. This fixed the problem and I could see the Theme/Module settings after the script was executed.


2017-01-20 11:40

administrator   ~0011940

The new update.php mentioned in 0006012:0011939 was tested and it works!


2017-04-05 09:25

reporter   ~0012015

We changed the update script according the proposal and published it on the mentioned website.