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0005945OXID eShop (all versions)5. ------ UpdateApp / Update ------public2014-12-02 12:56
Status closedResolutionnot fixable 
Product Version4.7.11 / 5.0.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005945: updateApp throws a notice message during executing [Note:][exec:] version: 5.0.12 action: updateSqlFromPHP
DescriptionWhile updating an EE 5.0.11 to 5.0.14 the following message will be displayed:

[email protected]:/var/www/supportvm53/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.0.11_SNAPSHOT/updateApp# php run_cli.php
    [Note:][exec:] version: 5.0.12 action: updateSqlFromPHP

    Notice: Undefined property: object_ADOConnection::$fetchMode in /supportvm53/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.0.11_SNAPSHOT/core/adodblite/adodbSQL_drivers/mysql/ on line 228

    Call Stack:
        0.0040 633240 1. {main}() /supportvm53/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.0.11_SNAPSHOT/updateApp/run_cli.php:0
        0.3095 8347528 2. updateProcess->runStep() /supportvm53/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.0.11_SNAPSHOT/updateApp/run_cli.php:26
        0.3398 8383840 3. updateBase->update() /supportvm53/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.0.11_SNAPSHOT/updateApp/core/updateProcess.php:160
        0.3399 8384544 4. update_5_0_12->updateSqlFromPHP() /supportvm53/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.0.11_SNAPSHOT/updateApp/core/updateBase.php:83
        0.3476 8573872 5. oxDbMetaDataHandler->fieldExists() /supportvm53/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.0.11_SNAPSHOT/updateApp/updates/php/5.0.12.php:37
        0.3476 8573872 6. oxDbMetaDataHandler->getFields() /supportvm53/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.0.11_SNAPSHOT/core/oxdbmetadatahandler.php:89
        0.3476 8574184 7. oxLegacyDb->metaColumns() /supportvm53/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.0.11_SNAPSHOT/core/oxdbmetadatahandler.php:56
        0.3477 8574184 8. mysql_meta_ADOConnection->MetaColumns() /supportvm53/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.0.11_SNAPSHOT/core/oxlegacydb.php:336

    [Note:][exec:] version: 5.0.12 action: updateSql

    [Note:][exec:] version: 5.0.12 action: updateMultilingualFields

    [Note:][exec:] version: 5.0.13 action: updateSqlFromPHP

    [Note:][exec:] version: 5.0.13 action: outputInformation
    [Note:]Default user groups accessibility via URL was turned off. If you want to enable them again, you must go to: Admin->Master sett ings->Core settings->System->Other settings and than remove from the prohibited user groups list.
     *> press enter to continue:

This line is the cause: if ($this->fetchMode !== false) $savem = $this->SetFetchMode(false); (\core\adodblite\adodbSQL_drivers\mysql\

Interestingly: All other places in this file with the variable $this->fetchMode are commented
Steps To Reproduce

  1. Check error reporting level. It should include notice mesages

  2. Install OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.0.11

  3. copy the patch from 5.0.11 to 5.0.14 into the root directy

  4. execute the patch via CLI

  5. Have a look into the log file, if it wasn't display in the terminal

Tags3rd Party Libraries, Update App
PHP Versionany
Database Versionany


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2014-11-04 09:27

developer   ~0010308

It's obvious that this notice message is thrown in many updateApps which using a DB connection.

Linas Kukulskis

2014-12-02 12:56

reporter   ~0010369

it related with 3rd part library, and for oxid php notices should be switched off.