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0005824OXID eShop (all versions)4.08. Cachepublic2014-08-29 12:43
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.8.6 / 5.1.6 
Target Version4.8.8 / 5.1.8Fixed in Version4.9.0_5.2.0_RC1 
Summary0005824: OXID EE admin cache (varnish) flush/test buttons doesn't work for HTTPS connection
DescriptionIn OXID admin "Cache" configuration page there are buttons to test reverse proxy and to flush it. Both buttons doesn't work when we have OXID admin configured to work on HTTPS.
In such case both buttons request "http" (not "https") links and browsers block such requests.
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2014-08-29 12:43

reporter   ~0010109

Current reverse proxy check button works via javascript by making ajax call to frontend page. The call is made to frontend http page from admin https page, for security reasons browser does not allow calls like this.
Added fix, that in this situation would be shown message "Reverse Proxy test failed" and also added help text to explain in which situations this check will show this message.