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0005773OXID eShop (all versions)1.01. Products (product, categories, manufacturer, promotions etc.)public2023-12-06 09:03
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Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.8.5 / 5.1.5 
Summary0005773: oxubase::getListDisplayType wrong default fallback for $_sListDisplayType
DescriptionAs Default product list type "Grid" is specified.
The option "Display product list type selector" is disabled.

In the article list of an manufacturer (Kuyichi) I change the setting "Products per page" and the view changes to "Double grid". The parameter "ldtype=manufacturer" is added to the url.
Steps To ReproduceSettings in Admin below:
eShop Admin -> Extensions -> Themes -> Azure -> Settings -> Display
- Display product list type selector is unchecked
- Default product list type is Grid

Footer -> All Brands -> Kuyichi
Change "Products per page" to 16 or 24.

List type automatically switches from "Grid" to "Double grid".
Additional Information"infogrid" is deposited as fallback display type in oxubase, insofar as the passed ldtype (manufacturer) is unknown.

The display type should not change upon changing the "Products per page" setting.
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2023-12-06 09:03

administrator   ~0016003

In the meantime, we have Apex and the type infogrid does not exist anymore.
Nevertheless, it still works if you:
- Disable the type selector
- add another option to the products per page setting
- change the default list type to "gallery"

If you now switch the number of products allowed in the list, the display type will always be "line" instead of the default "gallery".