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0005757OXID eShop (all versions)2.6. Administer orderspublic2022-02-02 16:43
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Summary0005757: when set blShowVATForDelivery there is no brutto shown for delivery
DescriptionI think there is a curly brace misplaced.

When having the option "blShowVATForDelivery" active, i don't have the brutto-sum shown in my generated pdf-file.

Compared with some old myorder.php-file there was added something.
Steps To Reproduce* Set blShowVATForDelivery to true
* generate PDF for order
Additional InformationI'm using OXID CE 4.8.5

My code to have the price appear again (by swapping the line of the closing bracket):

        // if canceled order, reset value
        if( $this->_oData->oxorder__oxstorno->value ){

    $sDelCost = $oLang->formatCurrency($this->_oData->oxorder__oxdelcost->value, $this->_oData->getCurrency()) . ' ' . $this->_oData->getCurrency()->name;
    $this->text(45, $iStartPos, $this->_oData->translate('ORDER_OVERVIEW_PDF_SHIPCOST') . $sAddString);
    $this->text(195 - $this->_oPdf->getStringWidth($sDelCost), $iStartPos, $sDelCost);
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related to 0003757 resolvedvilma_liorensaityte VAT should always be included in Price and should change only VAT displaying. 



2014-05-09 17:09

reporter   ~0009901

Last edited: 2014-05-09 17:10

The variable doesn't state what it does.

"blShowVATForDelivery" for just reading that name it suggests that i get that VAT additionally to the normal brutto-price.

I know, reading the label for "SHOP_CONFIG_CALCULATEVATFORDELIVERY" it is stated "(instead of gross)", but i think there should be both possible.

(this may turn into a feature instead of a bug, but i can't clearly see this on one side only)


2014-05-12 12:58

reporter   ~0009903

Last edited: 2014-05-12 13:01

Reminder sent to: FibreFoX


What the behavior is not correct? I upload the picture as example and all dates are provided and seems are correct. If the option blShowVATForDelivery is on then shipping costs is display as net price and VAT.

Best regards,


2014-05-12 13:05

reporter   ~0009904

suggestions by the names:
"blShowVATForDelivery" -> show it ADDITIONALLY

It seems that the "instead"-logic came after creating that names, it has changed (in version CE 4.4.x the brutto-price were still displayed).

In administration it states that "instead"-logic within the label-translations ... but im stuck in the situation i want to display BOTH.

thats why i dont know if its a clear bug or clear feature-request (because it behaviour changed).


2015-02-24 11:44

administrator   ~0010706

IMHO clearly a feature request, as the functionality works as described and intended, but doesn't cover the use-case described by the reporter in .


2015-02-25 09:43

reporter   ~0010715

What about the changed behaviour since 4.4.x? Was that a bug?


2015-02-25 10:15

administrator   ~0010716

There were some changes while fixing .

(Also see Release Notes of 4.6.0: