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0005618OXID eShop (all versions)1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)public2024-01-31 18:21
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Product Version4.8.1 / 5.1.1 
Summary0005618: Discounts don't display correctly
DescriptionWhen assigning a discount, there is a "magic switch" so that it makes a difference if the condition is from 1 or from 0. This used to differentiate between discounts that are calculated at article level or discounts that are calculated at basket level. In newer versions this switch works differently, causing a mismatch between what is displayed in detail page and in basket.

Discounts are now always calculated at article level:

condition from zero:
Details page: discounted price is shown, RRP is displayed crossed out
Basket: only discounted price is shown, RRP is not displayed

condition from 1:
Details page: undiscounted price is shown, RRP is displayed crossed out
Basket: discounted price is shown, undiscounted price is displayed crossed out

display in basket should match display in details page.
Steps To ReproduceIn demoshop, select Kite Core GTS. Price is 879, reduced from 999.
Put it in basket and goto basket, price is now 791,10, reduced from 879
TagsDemo Data, Product domain and basket rewrite
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2014-01-24 19:10

reporter   ~0009443

Imho the magic switch should be removed while solving this, making from 0 and from 1 behave the same.


2014-01-28 15:24

reporter   ~0009446

Reminder sent to: leofonic

 Where to apply discount depends on discount rules you set in the admin.
if quantity amount is from 0, then the discount will be applied in detail page per product.
if quantity amount is from 1, then the discount will be applied in the basket. But there is not logic to use from 1, should be at least more then 1. If you want to have the discount on the first product should be used from 0.


2014-01-28 15:56

reporter   ~0009448

Hi svetlana, there is a condition from 1 even in demodata, see the example in "Steps To Reproduce". Think about it from customer experience, the customer sees original price (which is RRP in detail) crossed out and discounted price. Same thing in basket but two different values, how should the customer understand this? This also applies to discount e.g. "from 5". So if discount is displayed only in basket, it should be displayed somewhat differently than RRP/single price in detail, to avoid confusing the customer.


2014-02-21 10:49

reporter   ~0009574

Need to change our demo data to not confuse customer. Set discount rules quantity from 0 to... If we want to apply discount on the first product. if no, when discount should be change at least quantity from 2 to ...


2014-02-21 12:01

reporter   ~0009577

The Remark i made about customer confusion is not about OXID customers, but Shop customers, and also applies to discounts e.g. from 5-999. The problem is that in Basket the combination price/discounted price looks visually exactly like the combination RRP/price in details, but naturally shows different values. Additionally discount for more than one is not shown (advertised) on detail page at all, and RRP is not shown in basket, so there is no way to tell why the numbers suddenly changed.
In former OXID versions discounts applied to basket were displayed seperately with the name of the discount, in current version they are just applied to the product in basket but not explained.