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0005449OXID eShop (all versions)4.11. Image handlingpublic2013-10-29 10:05
Status resolvedResolutionwon't fix 
PlatformAllOSOS Version
Product Version4.7.7 / 5.0.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005449: Image Resize on Upload doesnt work correct
DescriptionIf tried to create a CMS Page and wanted to upload a Picture to display on my startpage. So i used the picture upload function from oxid and set "custom" for "resize" settings with values - height: 900px and width: 300px - the uploaded image has a size of 800x266 - so in this case the image shouldnt be resized but as result after uploading i get an image with size 500 x ... px
Steps To Reproduce1. Login to Backend
2. Goto Customer Info -> CMS Pages
3. In WYSIWYG Editor use Button "Insert/Edit Image..."
4. Select Upload Button
5. Select Image and set "Resize images larger than..." to 2000x2000 so all Images smaller than 2000x2000 shouldnt be resized
6. Upload Image
7. Result
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2013-10-04 08:35

reporter   ~0009123

Reminder sent to: maui


Sorry, but i can not reproduce the case. Could you please let us know if you still experience same problem on our latest eShop version 5.0.8 or demoshop

Best regards


2013-10-04 08:59

reporter   ~0009124

Same Result in your Demo of Enterprise Edition!

Made a Video Record:

Download Link:

Youtube Link:

Hope you can see what i mean ;)


2013-10-04 09:23

reporter   ~0009125

Reminder sent to: maui


Thanks a lot for submitting this issue. This typo problem exist in 3rd party library, so we can not change/fix it.

Best regards


2013-10-29 10:05

reporter   ~0009200

Try adjusting following parameters in "core/wysiwigpro/conf/":

$WPRO_MAX_IMAGE_WIDTH = 1000; // Maximum width of images in pixels
$WPRO_MAX_IMAGE_HEIGHT = 1000; // Maximum height of images in pixels