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0005380OXID eShop (all versions)4.07. Source code, Testpublic2023-11-21 09:21
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version4.6.5 revision 49955 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005380: mallstart.tpl
DescriptionThe file /application/views/azure/tpl/page/shop/mallstart.tpl is included in PE and CE but not used anywhere. It is only necessary for the EE so it could be removed from the other two editions.
Additional InformationProbably this issue can be found in all versions since 4.0.
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related to 0005309 resolvedSven Brunk CE and PE contain EE sourcecode 


Sven Brunk

2023-11-21 09:21

administrator   ~0015869

The templates are included in the theme, not the shop core (or any of the editions). Thus it must be flexible enough to work for all editions.