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0004991OXID eShop (all versions)1.01. Products (product, categories, manufacturer, promotions etc.)public2013-03-14 13:12
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.7.3 / 5.0.3 revision 54408 
Fixed in Version4.8.0_5.1.0_beta1 
Summary0004991: The star character at the product price in "Top of the Shop" is missing
DescriptionThe star character at the product price in "Top of the Shop" is missing. This star character normally points to the message at the right end of the screen which tells the customer that the product price is including sales tax and excluding shipping costs. Since this message is very important for the German law and could result in a dissuasion if it is not present or traceable for the customer, I made the "Severity" "critical" and the "Priority" "immediate".
Steps To ReproduceSee the demo shop.
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2013-03-13 09:15

reporter   ~0008503

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developers - please check with Trusted Shops if the * is needed in this place, there is no "to cart" button in this list

edit: here the forums thread


2013-03-14 13:12

reporter   ~0008505

The missing star character at the product price is fixed.