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0004831OXID eShop (all versions)2.7. Customer infopublic2023-11-17 13:28
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.7.1 / 5.0.1 revision 52468 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004831: CMS page as category do not appear in category-tree.
DescriptionIf subcategory is marked as hidden, then CMS page is not displayed in the category –tree, CMS page is displayed only in subcategory list.

A CMS-Page should be displayed in the categories-tree.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open admin -> Customer info -> CMS pages ->create CMS page as category „Kite2“
2. then insert CMS page „Kite2“ before „Kiteboards“ category
3. Go to Administer Products ->Categories choose category „Kiteboards“ and turn on checkbox „Hidden“
4. Go to shop click on category KITEBOARDING
5. And then CMS page is not displayed in the category –tree, cms page is displayed only in subcategory list. For more details please to see in screenshot .
TagsCategory, CMS
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duplicate of 0004266 resolvedaurimas.gladutis not possible to sort category-CMS-page to the end of categories 



2013-01-08 17:39


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2013-01-08 18:10

reporter   ~0008238

dublicate of


2013-01-26 17:22

reporter   ~0008332

There are several other issues with current concept:
- You can only insert before a category
- Breadcrumb is wrong when cms page is displayed
- Highlighting does not work when cms page is displayed
- no icon for cms page possible
- if cms page is moved to another place navigation is still at the old and now wrong place when cms page is displayed
- cms 'categories' are not visible in products/categories

If you do it another way, create a new blank category, and insert "[{oxcontent ident=cmsident}]" in category longtext (cms as snippet), the page looks almost the same as with "cms as category/insert before", but all of the things mentioned above do work. So the idea is to change the logic from "insert before" to "attach to category", or, from category view, to have an option in category where you could select a cms page to be displayed in this category.

This would also give the possibility to reduce special handling now needed for "content cats" in templates to a minimum.