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0004256OXID eShop (all versions)1.01. Products (product, categories, manufacturer, promotions etc.)public2012-12-07 14:27
Reportermichael_keiluweit Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.6.2 revision 46646 
Fixed in Version4.8.0_5.1.0_beta1 
Summary0004256: after choosing size of a variant article the picture doesn't change after choosing the color anymore
DescriptionOXID demoshop - article is the t-shirt. If you click on the product and choose the colour grey, the picture of the article will change accordingly. If you choose the size first and then the colour, the picture will always display the shirt in colour red.
Steps To ReproduceOpen Demoshop
Click on t-shirt
choose colour grey.
=> picture will change to grey
open demoshop
click on t-shirt
choose any size
choose colour grey
=> picture will remain red
PHP Versionany
Database Versionany



2012-11-28 20:55

reporter   ~0008021

I think there are just no images for grey M and L in Demodata.


2012-11-29 09:43

reporter   ~0008023

Hi, yes, there were no images for those variants, so parent article pictures were shown. Pictures were added (will be added to demoshop also after release) so it would not cause more confusion.


2012-11-30 09:42

administrator   ~0008029

I can still reproduce it on our 4.7.1 demoshop:

Change first the size and then change the color to grey. You will see the orange t-shirt as picture.

Refresh the page and change first the color and then the size. Now it works as it should.


2012-11-30 09:52

reporter   ~0008030

Michael if i choose M/grey picture is always orange no matter what i select first.


2012-11-30 10:30

reporter   ~0008032

Last edited: 2012-11-30 10:41

will be released in 5.1 as there are demodata changes and addition of pictures, so please be patient. The problem is minor and only in demodata as there were and still is no images uploaded to those variants. If you really need the fix, please add missing pictures to that article variants and it will be fine.


2012-11-30 10:38

administrator   ~0008033

Hi Aurimas,

sorry I didn't saw "(will be added to demoshop also after release)". Got it now :)