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0004208OXID eShop (all versions)2.5. Administer userspublic2013-02-06 15:11
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.6.2 revision 46646 
Target Version4.6.6 revision 54646Fixed in Version4.7.4 / 5.0.4 revision 57063 
Summary0004208: Focus does not change to tab "History" or "Adresses"
DescriptionIf you are administering a user and click on "Add note" at the bottom, the focus does not change to the tab "History" - althoug it shows the content of this tab.

see screenshot

Same behaviour when clicking on "Create new Address" - the focus on tabs does not change.
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2013-02-06 15:11

reporter   ~0008378

Changed javascript in a template file to load a function that switches to tab correctly.