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0003499OXID eShop (all versions)1.01. Products (product, categories, manufacturer, promotions etc.)public2024-06-26 15:41
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Product Version4.6.8 
Summary0003499: Not sorting by price in frontend if price is A, B or C
DescriptionProblems with sorting by price in website, is user has price A, B or C.

After login not user sorting products list by lowest price or the highest price.

Also sorting does not work, if prices are defined in oxfield2shop table
Steps To Reproduce1. Log into admin menu
2. "Administer User" -> "Users"
3. choose your user
4. click "Assign User Groups"
5. choose "Price A"
6. "Master Settings" -> "Core Settings" -> "Mall"
7. Click on "Create New Shop"
8. give it a name, select "shop inherits all inheritable items (products, discounts etc) from it's parent shop.", select shop parent
9. select "Active" and click "Save"
10. select your created shop in the left corner to work with it
11. give your products which should be sorted a "Alt. Prices" A and save them
12. go to your frontend to see if it sorts the products correctly by price
13. you can see that it doesn't sort for Price A, instead it sorts for the regular price
TagsCategory, Product domain and basket rewrite, Sorting
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2023-11-16 10:25

administrator   ~0015755

The sorting works in principle, but there seem to be some related bugs.