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0003200OXID eShop (all versions)2.4. Administer productspublic2012-12-14 14:32
Reportertjungcl Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.5.1 revision 38045 
Target Version4.6.6 revision 54646Fixed in Version4.6.6 revision 54646 
Summary0003200: fixed price only disabling price alarm
Descriptionthe per article setting oxblisfixedprice seems to affect only one thing:
the users possibility to add a price alarm to this article.

the name of the setting (in german "sonderaktionen nicht erlaubt") and the name of the database-field implies much more: that this article is never reduced by any special rabatt actions.

The postfix "(Preisalarm)" makes it a bit clearer, but I was still uncertain and had to test it in the demoshop.

If this option is really only to disable "preisalarm", why isnt there a system-wide option to disable this feature completly. What shop would allow this feature to only a part of his articles?

TagsPrice Alert, Products
PHP Versionany
Database Versionany



2012-12-14 14:32

reporter   ~0008136

Corrected ARTICLE_EXTEND_BLFIXEDPRICE and added HELP_ARTICLE_EXTEND_BLFIXEDPRICE in legacy and maintenance branch.