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0002886OXID eShop (all versions)1.04. Content, static (register, contact etc.) pagespublic2011-06-10 17:04
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.4.7 revision 33396 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.5.1 revision 38045 
Summary0002886: sum of available articles in category brackets
Descriptionthe count of the currently available articles is out of date if the rights of a counted article are unset or the rights of an uncounted article are set.
Steps To Reproduce- go to the frontend
- select a category from navigation
- have a look at the available articles (sum in bracktes right behind the category-name)
- go to the backend
- revoke the rights of an article out of the category you have viewed in the frontend
- go back to the frontend
- view count(not changed!)
Additional Informationthe checkbox for setting up the displaying count of articles behind the brackets has no effect to the title of an article list. (brackets with count are still there)
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2011-05-16 14:38


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2011-06-10 17:04

reporter   ~0004736

fixed, categories don't show article count if it's turned off in the admin.