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0002693OXID eShop (all versions)1.03. Basket, checkout processpublic2012-12-10 13:23
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version4.4.5 revision 31315 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002693: oxordernr = 0
DescriptionSometimes Orders are generated with oxordernr = 0 and oxshopid = 0.

_setRecordNumber() seems not to work properly for orders.
PHP Versionany
Database Version5.1


duplicate of 0003253 resolvedLinas Kukulskis Some order numbers stays zero in specially crafted high load situation 



2011-05-20 14:01

reporter   ~0004632

Reminder sent to: manuel


could you please let us know, if you still experience same problem with our latest eShop release? also, is there installed any modules, that affect orders functionality?



2011-06-28 18:08

reporter   ~0004781

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We also experience this Bug in 2 different Enterprise 4.4.8 shops of ours.
The problem occurs mainly when there is a traffic-Peak.

There are different Payment moduls used in both shops, so that I don't think that a specific module causes the Problem.

Would be very nice if OXID could look for a solution to this problem.


2011-06-29 14:18

reporter   ~0004786

Reminder sent to: HendrikBahr, manuel


As it's hard to reproduce this case localy (probably it occurs only on very high-load peaks) - could you please give us more details about the case?
We would appreciate some logs, detailed user stores (if you have some suspicions, from what it may depend), or maybe we could even debug the issue on your system, i.e. if some test shop with exact environment, modules would be installed next to live system (at least on the same machine, to have the same load on mysql DB, or so).
If you can give us any more info about the case - please write us the note, we will contact you personally then.


2011-06-29 16:19

reporter   ~0004791

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Hi Dainius,
could you repeat in german what you wrote for me please? I did not understand which kind of logs you need.

We have actually 2 Shops with the Problem, both on a multi server cluster setups hosted by SysEleven. But we also experienced this earlier on a single server profihost hosted System.

The orders are saved in the database, but they are missing the values for oxshopid, oxshopincl, oxshopexl and oxordernum, so that they are not shown in the admin area and not found by exportscripts.

If you want to reproduce the error please try the following:
Take a EE installation on a very strong server, write a script that makes orders (selenium for example), and let it run producing several Orders a Second with different Payment Types. Make sure that during the test some orders are made faster and others slower to simulate the users. Goal ist, that one starts an order and others finish their orders before the first one ist ready (Die Bestellabl√§ufe sollten sich √ľberschneiden).
I'm pretty sure you will get the Problem reproduced this way.


2011-08-03 11:57

reporter   ~0004918

Hi, birute_meilutyte,

sorry for this late reply.

Yes, we still have this problem in 4.4.8.

We'll send all server specs to the support with mentioning this ticket, so you have more information about the system.

In my opinion HendrikBahr is right and you should repoduce the problem this way. We also recognize this problem only at multi server cluster setups.

Kind regards


2011-09-21 15:44

reporter   ~0005257


Thank you all for the feedback. We were able to reproduce this issue while debuging other case (reported in 0003253). There is some info how to reproduce this issue localy so this entry is closed as duplicate, but I put the warning to 0003253 to pay attention to all the details written here.
Sorry for delay as it took some time to reproduce the case, but now we'll work on this to solve it.