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0002469OXID eShop (all versions)1.01. Products (product, categories, manufacturer, promotions etc.)public2012-12-07 14:28
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.5.0_beta2 
Target Version4.5.0_beta3Fixed in Version4.5.0 revision 34568 
Summary0002469: Cannot buy variant products
Descriptionin Azure theme:
when Parent product is not buyable, go to details of any product, which has variant products.
When any variant is selected from the drop-down - the content of product reloads according to variant. But when you click on "Add to cart" button - itshows the error message:
- Product is not buyable.

Probably it still tries to add Parent-product to basket (which is not buyable in this case), thought the variant product is selected.
It should add current variant product to the basket in this case.
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Database Versionany



2011-02-07 09:03

reporter   ~0004077

when multidimensional variants are off (option blUseMultidimensionVariants) variants are still shown in details page as multidimensional. in this case, they all should be displayed as simple variants.

Linas Kukulskis

2011-02-08 10:02

reporter   ~0004092

waiting for MD variant concept feedback