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0002394OXID eShop (all versions)1. ----- eShop frontend -----public2012-12-10 14:37
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.4.5 revision 31315 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.6.0_beta2 
Summary0002394: oxshopcontrol redirects without logging the error
Descriptionin oxshopcontrol.php there are 2 redirects which redirect to 'cl=start' to display the error there. If for some reason 'cl=start' cannot be displayed (for example start.tpl is missing), you get a white page and no error is logged.
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related to 0003026 resolvedarvydas_vapsva Weird exception handling in oxshopcontrol->start 



2011-05-16 15:56

reporter   ~0004593

@developers: check from source code side if such issue still exist


2011-08-04 14:45

reporter   ~0004931

Removed redirecting to start page after exception occurred and added additional view to display exceptions. This depends on config value iDebug - if is zero, then redirection will be done, if not - will output exception error without redirecting.


2011-09-06 14:55

reporter   ~0005182

Reopened because now the code after "//catching other not cought exceptions" catches exceptions but only handles them in debug mode. For example, if the shop is switched to "not active", a white page is displayed and no error is logged. In previous version "offline.html" was displayed and an error was logged.

In german forum:


2011-11-10 13:16

reporter   ~0005379

Added additional handling for errors in oxshopcontrol class