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0002289OXID eShop (all versions)1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)public2015-10-05 12:15
Reportersimon_stark Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.4.5 revision 31315 
Target Version4.8.5 / 5.1.5Fixed in Version4.8.5 / 5.1.5 
Summary0002289: Trusted Shops buyer protection is calculated wrong
DescriptionWhen using Trusted Shops buyer protection Excellence, a wrong guarantee amount is submitted. Currently, the invoice total including the amount for the Trusted Shops buyer protection is submitted. Properly would be the Sum of the Articles' Prices plus delivery costs plus Discounts.

In following example, the buyer protection is submitted for 195.98 €.
195.00 € would be correct:

Product 1 150.00 euro
Product 2 50.00 euro
Payment method discount 5% - 10.00 euro
Postage costs 5.00 euro
Trusted Shops Buyer Protection up to 500 euro 0.98 euro
                                                        195.98 euro
TagsCalculations, Price Calculation, Trusted Shops
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Database Versionany



2011-01-03 09:34

reporter   ~0003931

@Developers: please check from the source code side if Trusted Shops Buyer Protection amount is included in total, when guarantee amount is selected.

Linas Kukulskis

2014-03-10 12:07

reporter   ~0009626

removed trusted shops rate