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0002071OXID eShop (all versions)2. ----- eShop backend (admin) -----public2012-04-15 17:51
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Target VersionFixed in Version4.6.0_RC1 
Summary0002071: Warning is missing: that $this->sAltImageDir='' sets only from where to take pictures, not where to upload
Descriptionif $this->sAltImageDir='' is set, via admin uploaded images are not shown neither in admin (Administer products -> Prouducts -> Pictures tab) nor in frontend. In this case, pictures are uploaded to default img dir (shop_dir/out/pictures) instead of the one, described in $this->sAltImageDir=''.
The thing is, that this option sets only from where pictures should be taken, for displaying, but it is not for setting where to upload the pictures.

When picture is uploaded via admin, it should always be uploaded to the default dir localy. So if option sAltImageDir is set, shop owner should make sure, that local pictures are synchronized with the remote place by his own and there is full set of needed pictures.

To make it clear for user:
Check if sAltImageDir is set, and if yes - then display the warning:
"OXID eShop cannot upload article pictures to the remote location, which is defined in your file ($this->sAltImageDir='...'). Picture will be uploaded locally. Please take care that pictures would be synchronized also to defined remote location.

2. Include Help text in the place where pictures can be uploaded:
"In configuration file an alternative path can be defined with $this->sAltImageDir='...' where article pictures are loaded from. During upload pictures still would be stored locally, so in this case need to synchronize set of pictures with manually or with custom scripts"."
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2012-02-05 19:20

reporter   ~0005674

check here in forums this quite smart solution, including ftp-upload to remote dir


2012-04-13 17:12

reporter   ~0006289

The description of issue changed according to taken solution. The functionality for ftp-upload would be additional feature, so please insert this into uservoice (or implement as custom change on your eShop).


2012-04-15 17:51

reporter   ~0006296

fixed, show warning message in admin picture upload areas if alt image server is configured