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0001874OXID eShop (all versions)2. ----- eShop backend (admin) -----public2010-09-07 14:47
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.3.2 revision 27884 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.4.3 revision 30016 
Summary0001874: Online Help is not found when Admin language ID is not 0 or 1
DescriptionAdminister products -> Categories -> Start Help -> Not Found

The requested URL /PE/4.3.2/5/admin/category_main.html was not found on this server.

This problem occurs, when user loged in to Admin area with selected language, which ID is other than 0 or 1. Currently on OXID eSales sites there is Help content placed only in German (lang ID=0) or English (lang ID=1) languages. Means when clicked on the Help link with language ID 5, it requests the Help content in non-existing language form server and gets "Page Not Found".

Please fix it to make such behavior:
- if user loged in to Admin with German or English language: form proper urls to Help with according language (with lang ID 0 or 1). Btw checking should be done by abbreviation, because if language was deleted and then created again - it gets different ID (means English may have ID other than 1).
- if user loged in to Admin with other language than DE or EN - form such links to Help, that user would be directed to English Help page (replace language ID with 1).
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2010-06-02 20:10

reporter   ~0003129

Help is broken for other admin pages as well.

2010-06-03 21:06


start-help-404.png (95,896 bytes)
start-help-404.png (95,896 bytes)


2010-06-03 21:11

reporter   ~0003141

I keep selecting English language (always) when logging into the admin area, but "Start Help" links are still generated using wrong language ID (5). See attached screenshot start-help-404.png.


2010-06-07 15:12

reporter   ~0003147

Reminder sent to: dominiks

Can you please check what language ID is set for English language in your shop? (Master Settings -> Languages -> Select "English" -> field "Language ID").
If you have inserted some other languages before, and English goes just after those - it's possible, that it got the id=5.
Of course, if this is the case - this place still should be improved. But at least we will know the reason.

Best regards,


2010-06-09 12:12

reporter   ~0003160

There is no English language in "Master settings" -> "Languages" list.
There are 2 languages only:

sk - Slovak - ID 3 (active)
de - Deutch - ID 0 (not active)

I'm using English language only when working in admin backend.


2010-06-09 16:05

reporter   ~0003164

This happened because:
you inserted some new languages after DE and EN, so those got IDs 2, 3, and 4.
Then you deleted the English language from Admin -> Languages.
After this step - English language is gone only from eShop frontend, but still available for use in Admin area... which is basically a bug.
Thus - when you login to Admin with "non existing" language, it gets wrong ID (=5 in your case). So the Help is not found then.
Bug should be fixed - to direct user to EN language help in case of "non existing" language is requested.


2010-06-09 17:34

reporter   ~0003165

Basically - we discussed internaly and prepared global concept for preventing such situations and even bigger problems with languages in admin.
See the description of bug and related bugs about following changes.