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0001839OXID eShop (all versions)4. ------ eShop Core -------public2012-12-10 13:42
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.3.0 revision 26948 
Target Version4.5.0_beta3Fixed in Version4.5.0_beta4 
Summary0001839: Make it possible to give each object which has pictures individual picture sizes
DescriptionIt should be possible to set individual picture sizes for each object which has pictures. This modification make this possible. For example you want an individual size for the icons of the oxcategory object, then you add the following to the icon size at the core settings:


All icons now resized to 56*84 but the icons for the oxcategory object will be resized to 20*20.

A modification of the admin template is advisable, like the set up of the different article pictures.

Diff-Patch, based on Oxid CE 4.3.0, is attached.
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2010-05-20 00:39 (711 bytes)


2010-08-25 15:31

reporter   ~0003440

@developers: please, check offered solution and implement if possible


2010-08-29 17:57

reporter   ~0003451

If you implement the oxConfig like shown here: this can be implemented as a module.

Linas Kukulskis

2011-03-08 09:17

reporter   ~0004191

starting with 4.5.0 version, there are implemented themes and options per theme. in the new azure theme are these options for pictures sizes: icon, thumbnail, zoom picture, individual option for all picture sizes, 2 category image sizes and etc.
if its not enough its possibility add additional.
the same its possible with basic theme.