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0001778module PayPalmodule PayPal - subpublic2012-12-10 16:10
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Summary0001778: No message after error while paying on
DescriptionIf an error occures while paying with paypal, the customer is send back to step 3 (payment) but gets no error message.
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2010-04-23 09:25

reporter   ~0002576

@Developers: please check from the source code side if this issue exists.


2010-06-01 16:04

reporter   ~0003124

Last edited: 2010-06-01 16:06

Added additional checking in efi_paypal_oxpaymentgateway::_processPayPalResponse() - if paypal returns error, message text returned from paypal will be displayed also.


2010-06-07 14:01

reporter   ~0003144

our customers are still reporting this issue. we use ee 4.3 as well as the pp-portlet v 1.5.8.

is there a possibility to test this behaviour?


2010-06-07 14:20

reporter   ~0003145

Reminder sent to: Bergfreunde


This fix was not included into latest released version of PayPal module (v1.5.8 for 4.3.2). It will be included in next PayPal module version, released together with eShop 4.4.0.

Best regards,


2010-06-07 15:52

reporter   ~0003148

but the fixed version will be compatible with 4.3.x?


2010-06-07 17:17

reporter   ~0003150

Reminder sent to: Bergfreunde

We are advised to code downwards compatible. But tests will be done with the present version only.