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0001106module PayPalmodule PayPal - subpublic2012-12-10 14:24
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.5.x 
Summary0001106: PayPal xpress checkout doesn´t work if an customer account with the same e-mail address exists
Description1. Create an customer account with your e-mail addess
2. put an article in basket and choose paypal express checkout
3. Login in paypal with the same email address

After that you will get different errors sometimes an white page or you will be redirected to start page
Happens in every shopmodule version (EE,PE,CE old and new)
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2009-09-16 09:25

reporter   ~0001746

the problem occured if there is already existing user (in shop) with same data (name, surname, adress), but not logged in. paypal module checks if user came from paypal, checks if this data is the same, and the logs user automatically to shop. this logging is now fixed.