• 0005781: [2. ----- eShop backend (admin) -----] oxNew should be used (e.g. admin/sysreq_main.php and admin/navigation.php)
  • 0005846: [2.5. Administer users] It isn't possible to assign a global admin in sub shops to rights and roles
  • 0005354: [4.08. Cache] EE: compare links in lists do not work correctly if dynamic caching is enabled
  • 0007202: [2.1. Master Settings] When switching subshops in the backend and pressing the "stor's start page" button you alwas get the main shop startpage
  • 0007275: [1.05. Users] Some email-addresses aren't compatible with OXID
  • 0005415: [2.1. Master Settings] "blAutoSearchOnCat" is not in use any longer and shall be removed
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