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0007673OXID eShop (all versions)6. ------ Setup -------public2024-07-17 08:26
Reportermario_lorenz Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version7.1.0 
Target Version7.1.1 
Summary0007673: Fresh OXID-Install on WAMP-Systems breaks during prepare Module-Assests-Folders
DescriptionDuring the standard installation of an OXID7 on a WAMP system, the error message appears:

The origin directory specified "..\..\..\vendor\oxid-esales\gdpr-option-module\assets" was not found

The error message is thrown in the Symfony class "FileSystem" (Method mirror) vendor/symfony/filesystem/Filesystem.php:533.
The reason is that Windows cannot create symlinks and Symfony tries to create a copy of the ModuleAssets folder under out/modules/ as a fallback.
There is a file_exists function there. file_exists cannot work with relative paths and an exception is thrown at the end to be on the safe side.

The solution is to use absolute paths instead of relative ones in the method \vendor\oxid-esales\oxideshop-ce\source\Internal\Framework\Module\Install\Service\ModuleFilesInstaller->install().

$relativePathToPackageAssets = Path::makeRelative( ...
$relativePathToPackageAssets = Path::makeAbsolute( ...

The installation on Windows then works.
I have already tried the whole thing on Linux. In the end, the symlinks in the out/modules/ folder are not built relative, but absolute. My Linux-OXID-Test-Installation has no problems at all with this in both the front and back end.

Before the Windows bashing starts again. An OXID customer (Elio for FischerPapier) has a similar problem with the same symptoms when deploying on a !Linux! system:

He patches this file:


return Path::makeRelative(
return Path::makeAbsolute(

This is about installing the module services during deployment. Here the Linux target system could not cope with the relative paths and ended up using absolute paths as well...
Steps To Reproduce* Start WAMP
* Try to install :
Additional InformationI know that Linux is listed in the system requirements. Using a WAMP is not about productive use, but rather a quick, pure development and presentation scenario.
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2024-06-13 14:38

administrator   ~0017046

Dear Mario Lorenz,

can you please provide more information of your linux costumer and his problems,
so we can reproduce this issue. Maybe directly to [email protected]

WAMP is not a supported stack. We suggest you use Docker or other Container-Technology.
Docker, in Windows: Docker Desktop in an WSL-Distro ( provides a fast solution.

Best Regards


2024-07-17 08:26

administrator   ~0017255

No feedback for a month. Closed.