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0007650OXID eShop (all versions)2.4. Administer productspublic2024-06-05 15:06
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Summary0007650: EE: Removing products from a category doesn't respect the viewable / buyable rights
DescriptionThe Enterprise Edition has the feature to make categories only visible / buyable for certain customer groups. All products assigned to this category inherit the visibility. While assigning / unassigning the user groups this part of the code is considered and it works fine. But in case a product is unassigned from the category, the framework removes the entry from oxobject2category, but misses the part to remove it also from the table oxobjectrights. This leads to dead rows in the table oxobjectrights and causes products to be not visible in the frontend, altough they aren't assigned to a restricted category anymore.
Steps To Reproduce1) install EE 7.1
2) go to admin
3) create a category
4) Add a product to a category (admin -> administer products -> categories -> Main -> Assign Products
5) Open the tab Rights and assign a user group to "Assign User Groups (Exclusively visible)".
6) Check the category and the product in the frontend, you shouldn't be able to see them anymore, until you are part of the user group.
7) go to admin, and remove the product from the category, using the same menu as in step 4.
8) go to frontend. The product is still not visible, because the framework hasn't removed the entry from the table oxobjectrights.
Additional InformationWorkaround:

Always be sure to unassign and assign again the user group, to make sure the framework has processed the latest assignments.
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