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0007624OXID eShop (all versions)2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)public2024-03-22 15:46
ReporterSteven Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version7.1.0 
Summary0007624: Theme ID depends on directory name instead of actual ID
DescriptionIn theme.php you set an ID. However, the ID of a theme seems to be the directory instead: composer.json > extra > oxideshop > target-directory.
Steps To ReproduceMethod 1:
Create a custom theme.
- Set ID in theme.php to aaaa.
- Set target-directory in composer.json to bbbb.
- Install theme.
- Use ./vendor/bin/oe-console oe:theme:activate aaaa. Theme will not be found.
- Use ./vendor/bin/oe-console oe:theme:activate bbbb. Theme will be activated.

Method 2:
Read theme ID.
- Open bootstrap.php.
- Append code:
$theme = oxNew(Theme::class);
- Open frontend. Output is apex.
- Go to source/Application/views.
- Rename directory apex to apexbbbb.
- Reactivate apex theme.
- Open frontend. Output is apexbbbb.
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